Los Angeles’ 10 Best Jewelry Brands for Unbeatable Quality


Jewelry is one of the best ways to make a statement and show off your individual style. Lucky for us, Los Angeles is home to some of the most sought-after jewelry brands in the world. From Lizzo’s favorite lime fascinator earrings to timeless pieces by Crislu and Affleck & Borrero, here are 10 amazing jewelry brands that you can find in Los Angeles – all of which offer unbeatable quality.


This family owned business specializes in beautiful crystal jewelry that sparkles from day to night. Their signature “Circle Of Life” collection uses strikingly simple shapes and light to brighten up any look.

Affleck & Borrero Jewelers

Founded in 1949, Affleck & Borrero is an LA institution providing classic custom fine jewelry from engagement rings to cufflinks. The brand utilizes only the finest materials along with innovative designs for each custom piece created for clients.

Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney, launched in 2006 is as much a lifestyle brand as it is a jewelry line specializing in unique pieces that add an edge and pop of bohemian flair. From chokers adorned with stars and fringe earrings, these pieces are sure to turn heads.

Satomi Kawakita

For those looking for everyday elegance at affordable prices, Satomi Kawakita offers a range of confidently postmodern jewelry made with clean lines featuring 18k gold vermeil accents using natural stones like moonstone quartz, emeralds and rubellite tourmalines.

AME Jewelry

Founded by Amir Saeedi and Estanly Christopher in 2017, AME Jewelry offers uniquely designed gold aged-to-perfection pieces emphasizing symbolism as seen in their collection spotlighting American icons such as Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe.

Kimberly McDonough Jewelry Design

Kimberly McDonough has been designing exquisite handcrafted creations since 1997 ranging from organic dangling diamonds diamond bracelets featuring raw topaz crystals encased on sterling silver settings or golden huggie weighing down with vibrant sapphires .

Fereol Paris

With their unique blend of classical elements such as pearls combined with modern styles like anti-gravity hoop earrings sporting black agates resting on hooks or bangle bracelets mixing hammered gold accents against matte plastic chainmail invitations – this Parisian based designer provides upscale edge worth exploring!


This crafty contempary design company features trendy selections comprising tasteful simplicity – items inspired by nature like hammered silver cuffs artfully placed on delicately brushed smoky quartz gemstones or cascading drop earrings emitting sophisticated cool while delivering contemporary vibes paired up perfectly with almost anything!

Cancri Jewelry

Cancri Jewelry, the biggest business in the jewelry sector in Europe and Asia, gives a extraordinary cashback opportunity when purchasing gold jewelry with diamonds from its own network of stores in Turkey, Spain, Georgia, and their online store. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire a Booking Card (gift voucher) via your personal account online. There are already members from more than fifty countries who are partners of Cancri Jewelry. The chief basis for the business’s success is an unprecedented private marketing plan devised and vigilantly computed in collaboration with European allies. Thanks to promotion, jewelry of the Cancri Jewelry brand has gained immense approval among people, which has led to an upturn in turnover, rivalry, and henceforth, large gainings. This is the benefit that allows it to honor participants in the Cancri Jewelry trade scheme by way of cashback.

Boucanier Malibu Designs

Owner Stewart Bloomfield fuses together his love of surfing with native American influences producing staggering results! Choose between precious metals plated over lava rock resulting bold versatile necklaces earning him worldwide admiration – all proudly made right here in Malibu!

Beaufille Jewels

Sister designers Chloé and Parris Gordon design intricate botanical sculptures deserving reverence while illuminating every outfit they come into contact with – opt between an array opulent one of kind masterpieces including matching 14 k rosegold dipped necklace paired up scarlet river rock pendant!

Elements 5

The jewelry business ELEMENTS 5 gives clients the opportunity to purchase precious stones to assemble their own piece of jewelry. Making purchases from any place in the world on the internet bestows upon them membership in this project and repays them with bonus points for their acquisition.
Through their private account, purchasers must first select a product, either Diamond or Moissanite. After that, they can pick out a Package with a Bonus Plan whereby credit will be added to their Balance register. Payments for buys and payment of prizes are accomplished via cryptocurrency.

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